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Jorge Masvidal wants to take Colby Covington's ‘Soul’

Jorge Masvidal wants to face Colby Covington in the Octagon at least once more before deciding to quit MMA.

Masvidal will make a comeback to take on Gilbert Burns in Miami at UFC 287 next month. He has been away for a year due to unresolved legal issues following his defeat to Covington at UFC 272.

Covington and Masvidal's feud deteriorated further ahead of their rematch at UFC 272. Covington brought up Masvidal's family, and more especially, his kids, during the trash talking prior to the bout.

Days after the altercation at the restaurant in the Miami region, caused Masvidal to confront Covington, attacking him, and inflicting severe injuries. Masvidal is facing legal action from Covington, and if he is found guilty of aggravated violence, he might go to jail


Masvidal, who is 38 years old, might be a year or two away from calling it quits in the ring. But he intends to run it back with Covington no matter how UFC 287 turns out.

Before hanging up his gloves, Masvidal promised to square off with Covington once more during a recent appearance on The Joe Rogan Experience.

"He showed his true colors for the money, for the pay-per-view," Masvidal said. "He knows the relationship I have with my kids, and you're trying to use that against me? You f***ing piece of s**t...

"That wasn't the best version of me... what happened, happened, but I promise you, before I close this chapter of my life in MMA, I'm gonna f***ing take his soul...I wasn't my best at that time for different reasons, but I know I can f***ing end this guy."


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