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Jose Aldo’s coach advises him to retire after UFC 283

According to his longtime manager and coach Andre Pederneiras, Jose Aldo will likely compete in the octagon for the last time on Jan. 21 at UFC 283 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

After losing a decision to Merab Dvalishvili in August, Pederneiras said the former two-time UFC featherweight champion has just one fight left on his contract with the organization and views the next weekend in Rio de Janeiro as a fantastic opportunity to "finish" his career.

Pederneiras acknowledges that when Aldo defeated Frankie Edgar at UFC 200 to earn the interim championship and the organization declined to schedule a rematch with Conor McGregor, he gave Aldo the advice "to retire a long time ago."

He said “He [Jose] didn’t need it since that fight, much less now,” Pederneiras said. “I’d tell him to stop. I think Aldo has already conquered a lot and it won’t be this last fight [against Dvalishvili] that will take away his legacy in the sport.”

Pederneiras stated that he will meet with the UFC on September 24 in Las Vegas to learn what the organisation has in store for the Brazilian and talk with Aldo about his future plans. Although the head of Nova Unio indicated he would like to face Dominick Cruz next, he does not believe the fellow UFC and WEC legend would consent to a match in Brazil.

Pederneiras concurs that Aldo should retire now, despite the fact that he feels "trapped" in a contract and unable to return to compete in other sports in the future, such as professional boxing and Muay Thai, if he so chooses.

“I’ve seen many retire and want to fight years later,” Pederneiras said. “Most of them are like that. Thales [Leites] left the UFC, fought his last fight against Hector Lombard [and said] ‘brother, I don’t want this sh*t anymore’. Two, three years have passed, and now he’s calling me to get him a fight. I’ve seen that my whole life. And it will happen with him.”

Do you think that we might see Jose Aldo in the octagon at UFC 283?


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