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Joseph Benavidez Sr wants the opportunity for his son to fight Canelo

David Benavidez's father and trainer Jose Benavidez Sr claims that their objective is not money but rather the chance to compete against Mexican boxing legend Saul "Canelo" Alvarez.

“Give us the bare minimum, give Canelo what he wants, we just want the opportunity,” Benavidez Sr. told Mill City Boxing. “We have to prove ourselves first. Pay is not a problem, we will take the minimum."

Benavidez is the WBC's mandatory challenger at 168-pounds, while Canelo holds the undisputed crown with all four of the major sanctioning titles around his waist.

Canelo's manager and trainer, Eddy Reynoso, just received a sizable offer from Sampson Lewkowicz, who represents Benavidez. According to reports, the offer was worth about $50 million.

But Benavidez and his group don't care about money.

“When everyone says 'payday', we don't give a damn about 'payday'. We care about history," Benavidez Sr. said.

"We need that fight to make history and show people that we are the best at 168. He needs us, we need him. The only thing he needs for his legacy is [to fight] David Benavidez, to shut everyone up. Everybody wants to see the fight. I think we are [facing Canelo] at the right time. David is too strong, too big, too young. Canelo has too many miles."

And if Canelo thinks he's the best, Benavidez Sr. thinks he should prove it by accepting the toughest challenges available.

"I think he is the best and when you are at that level you have to fight anyone," Benavidez Sr. said. "When you're a champion, you fight anyone, that's what makes a champion."


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