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Joseph Parker's Confidence Soars Ahead of Zhang Bout

Trainer Andy Lee has revealed that New Zealand heavyweight Joseph Parker is entering his March 8 showdown in Saudi Arabia against Zhilei Zhang with a newfound sense of confidence.

Joseph Parker

Parker's spirits are soaring following his recent victory over Deontay Wilder, a triumph that Lee considers possibly the pinnacle of Parker's career. Lee, who has been in Saudi Arabia for several weeks due to his involvement in Tyson Fury's camp, has been impressed by Parker's dedication and self-belief.

"Joe's quite coy, he doesn’t give much away," Lee commented. "But he’s just full of belief... He’s full of belief."

Parker, 32, boasts an impressive record of 34 wins and 3 losses. His partnership with Lee, which has spanned over a year, has revitalized his career, instilling in him a newfound confidence and strategic approach.

"What he did against Wilder [has improved Parker’s confidence]," Lee noted. "But the build-up to it, the thoughts that go through your mind, the doubts that you could lose a fight like that, and then you go and perform that way and you overcome it."

Despite his recent success, Parker faces a tough challenge in Zhang, who is favored to win. Zhang, 40, boasts a record of 26-1-1 with 21 stoppages and is known for his size, counter-punching skills, and strategic prowess, making him a significantly different opponent from Wilder.

"They couldn’t be more different, in every single way," Lee remarked. "Compared to Wilder, Wilder is the opposite of all those things."

Parker is prepared for the challenge and is approaching the fight with the same focus and determination that led to his victory over Wilder. If he emerges victorious, a rematch with Zhang is on the cards, further underscoring the high stakes of this upcoming bout.


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