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Josh Emmett's Quest for UFC Gold: Eyeing Max Holloway as Gateway to Championship Glory

As Josh Emmett, on the cusp of his 39th birthday, feels the ticking clock of time, his fervent desire to clinch the UFC championship grows more urgent. Despite setbacks, including a defeat to Yair Rodriguez in a title bout and a subsequent loss to Ilia Topuria, Emmett's ferocious comeback at UFC 296 reignited his ambitions.

In a thunderous display, Emmett delivered a monumental knockout against Bryce Mitchell, catapulting himself back into contention. Riding the momentum of this emphatic victory, he's now eyeing a speedy return to the title picture in 2024.

Emmett's determination to reach championship glory is resolute, stating, 

"[I want to fight] whoever’s going to get me to that title shot. This is my last run at the title." Expressing his eagerness for a top-three opponent, he acknowledges the necessity of challenging the best to reclaim his former status.

While not one to typically issue callouts, Emmett knows that a showdown with former featherweight king Max Holloway could propel him toward championship contention. Recognizing Holloway's formidable legacy and his dominance over the division, Emmett sees him as the ideal stepping stone to his ultimate goal.

"Max was — besides Volkanovski — he’s one of the best featherweights of all time," Emmett praised. "That’s like a sure shot to the title. You go in and beat him, there’s nothing left but to fight for the title."

Despite his victorious return against Mitchell, Emmett is unscathed and ready for the next challenge. Ambiguous about a timeline, he envisions an early 2024 clash with Holloway, setting the stage for a potential title shot by year's end.

"I’m going to win a fight, and then I’m going to win that title," Emmett affirmed, determined to make 2024 his championship-winning year.

For Emmett, the path to the coveted UFC featherweight championship runs through the storied career of Max Holloway. Eager to test his mettle against the division's elite, Emmett sees Holloway as the key to unlocking his shot at glory inside the Octagon.


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