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Josh Taylor and Jack Catterall separated at Eubank Jr v Smith fight in heated altercation

It was a night of drama at the Eubank Jr vs Liam Smith fight as tensions boiled over between Jack Catterall and Josh Taylor. Both fighters had to be held back by security after getting into a heated argument.

According to witnesses, the altercation began when Catterall and Taylor crossed paths at the event. Words were exchanged, and the situation quickly escalated, with both fighters getting in each other's faces and exchanging heated words.

The altercation was so intense that security personnel had to intervene to separate the two fighters. They were escorted out of the venue and the situation was brought under control.

The altercation has added fuel to the fire for the already highly-anticipated rematch between Catterall and Taylor. The two fighters have had a heated rivalry leading up to the rematch, with both men making bold statements and predictions about the outcome of the fight.

Fans were excited to see the two fighters face off in the ring but it seems they will have to wait longer to see them in the ring again. This altercation has only added more excitement to the already highly-anticipated rematch, and fans can expect an intense and highly competitive fight when the two finally step in the ring again.

The rivalry between Jack Catterall and Josh Taylor has been heating up in the lead-up to their highly-anticipated rematch. Both fighters have been vocal about their dislike for each other, with Catterall stating that he has a personal vendetta against Taylor.

The root of their feud can be traced back to their first fight in 2022, where Catterall felt that he was robbed of a fair shot at the title by the judges' decision. He has been vocal about his disappointment with the scoring and has stated that he is determined to prove himself in the rematch.

On the other hand, Taylor has been dismissive of Catterall's complaints, stating that he won the first fight fair and square. He has also been critical of Catterall's fighting style, calling him "one-dimensional" and claiming that he has no chance of winning the rematch.

The trash talk between the two fighters has been escalating in the lead-up to the rematch, with both men making bold statements and predictions about the outcome of the fight. Catterall has stated that he will "knock out" Taylor, while Taylor has said that he will "finish" Catterall.

This heated rivalry has added an extra layer of excitement to the rematch, with fans eagerly anticipating the showdown between these two skilled fighters. The fight promises to be an intense and closely contested bout, with both men looking to settle the score and come out on top.

The tension between Catterall and Taylor has reached a boiling point and the rematch promises to be an explosive affair, with both fighters looking to prove their dominance and settle their personal feud. The stage is set for a memorable and highly competitive fight, and fans can expect a thrilling and unforgettable night of boxing.

The first fight between Catterall and Taylor was met with some controversy regarding the scorecards. Despite Taylor's split decisions victory, some felt that the scoring was rigged and that Catterall had been robbed of a fair shot at the title.

Catterall and his team have stated that they felt the scoring in the first fight was unfair and that they were determined to prove it in the rematch. They have been working on strategies and tactics to ensure that the judges' decision is a fair reflection of the fight.

Taylor and his team, on the other hand, believe that the first fight was a fair and accurate representation of the bout. They have stated that they are not concerned about the scorecards and are focused on putting in a strong performance in the rematch.

Regardless of the controversy surrounding the first fight's scorecards, both fighters are determined to come out on top in the rematch and leave no room for doubt about the outcome. The rematch will be an opportunity for Catterall to prove that he deserved a fair shot at the title and for Taylor to defend his title and solidify his position as one of the best fighters in the division.

It will be interesting to see how this controversy will play out in the rematch and how it will affect the judges' decision. It is clear that both fighters are determined to come out on top and put on a great show for the fans.


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