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Josh Taylor says complacency made him lose the fight against Jack Catterall

Josh Taylor will face Jack Catterall in a rematch later this year to end their nasty animosity; Taylor cautions Catterall that he may have been complacent before their first fight, but he won't be making the same mistake twice.

Josh Taylor, the former WBO junior welterweight champion, is fired up for his rematch with domestic opponent Jack Catterall.

Taylor won a contentious twelve-round decision to maintain his undisputed 140-pound title when the two boxers first faced in February 2022.

Taylor has since relinquished his IBF, WBA, and WBC titles, as mandatory orders from the sanctioning bodies piled up and Taylor prepared to face Catterall for the second bout.

The rematch is scheduled for early March, with an official announcement coming soon.

Taylor has since engaged a new trainer, Joe McNally, and intends to approach the second encounter quite differently.

"I've been waiting on this for a long time I've had to let go of belts, I've had to let go of all my belts near enough, I've got the WBO left, just to make this fight happen and prove that I'm a real champion," Taylor told Sky Sports News.

"I just needed a fresh change up in my approach to things. I just felt in my previous camp I was getting taken away from what my natural qualities are and sort of changing my style a little bit too much. I need to get back to my own self.

"I think what I had achieved in 18 fights and in only four or five years as a professional, becoming an undisputed champion, no one's ever done it before in the UK in the four belt era, creating a massive part of history, I just got a little bit complacent. I tried to learn from other athletes and boxers letting complacency creep in but I am only human at the end of the day and it did creep in a little bit but I won't be making the same mistake twice."


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