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Josh Taylor v Jack Catterall is off, so what now?

The cancellation of the highly-anticipated rematch between Jack Catterall and Josh Taylor has left fans wondering when these two elite fighters will step into the ring again. With Taylor recovering from an ankle injury and no information on when the rematch will be rescheduled, fans are looking for clues about what the future holds for these two fighters.

One possibility for Catterall's next fight is a matchup against another top-ranked contender in the division. Catterall has been vocal about wanting to prove himself as one of the best fighters in the division, and a win against a top-ranked opponent would solidify his position in the division.

Another possibility is that Catterall could take on a lower-ranked opponent to gain more experience and build his confidence before taking on another top-ranked fighter. Catterall's team has also mentioned that they are open to a fight with a different opponent, and they are looking at different options.

As for Taylor, he has stated that he wants to get back in the ring as soon as possible, once he is fully recovered from his injury. Taylor has also been vocal about wanting to defend his title, and it's likely that he will take on another top-ranked fighter in the division.

One potential matchup for Taylor could be against a fellow world champion, such as Jose Ramirez, who also hold a belt in the super lightweight division. This matchup would be a true test for Taylor, and it would be a great opportunity for him to solidify his position as one of the best fighters in the division.

Another possibility for Taylor is a rematch with Catterall, once he's fully recovered from his injury. The rivalry between these two fighters is far from over, and it would be exciting for the fans to see them face off again in the ring.

In conclusion, the future of the Catterall and Taylor is uncertain, but fans can be sure that these two elite fighters will be back in the ring soon. The super lightweight division is full of talented fighters, and it will be exciting to see who will step up and take on these two champions next. Fans can expect more drama and action as these two fighters continue to make their mark in the world of boxing.


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