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Josh Watson spoils Greg Hardy’s BKFC debut

Greg Hardy, a former heavyweight in the UFC, managed to make his bare-knuckle boxing premiere last night at KnuckleMania 3 of Bare-Knuckle FC. In June 2022, Hardy reached an agreement with BKFC. He started his first game against Josh Watson, although events didn’t work as he had hoped.

Greg Hardy's promotional breakthrough was ruined when Josh Watson, a former UFC fighter and star NFL defensive player, knocked him out during the second round.

Seeking to grab Hardy's focus, Watson burst into the room in a frenzy. Hardy was fortunate in delivering punches as the action decelerated until rushing forward with a dominant wrist. Hardy seemed to have the size and reach superiority; however, Watson struck a massive blow which sent Hardy into the ropes and unconscious. Hardy was actually saved by the clock since he was in deep shit.

Watson sustained a significant laceration above his left eye just before the second round got underway, yet he was still capable of fighting. It really was fortunate that he did as a couple of moments later, Watson stunned Hardy with a perfect blend to end the contest.

The 40-year-old Watson stepped into the fight on Friday fresh off a first-round knockout of Kyle McElroy during BKFC 28 in August. In six of his ten MMA fights, Watson submitted the majority of his rivals in the first round.

With his UFC release in March of last year, Hardy, 34, put his typical gloved boxing skills to the next level. He signed for BKFC in January after winning two fights over Hasim Rahman Jr. and Mike Cook.


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