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Joshua v.s White. Its more even than you think. Tank's prediction.

Its been a few years since they have fought but both have improved in my prespective. As I see it , its 1 and 1 this would be the tie-breaker so to speak. White won in the amateurs and Joshua in the pro's. They have both lost to top flight opposition and they are still in the top 10. So in my eyes the fight is pretty even and both can hurt eachother, its just a question of who lands first. My prediction on this one is that even though Joshua Ko'ed White last time I believe White will come out aggresive and try to get even with Joshua and lately we havent seen that old Joshua with that killer instinct he had before his first loss to Ruiz. He just hasnt been that same aggresive KO puncher, we also saw him very cautious against an Usyk where he clearly had an advantage in punching power, he didnt even try to bully Usyk, he tried to play it safe and survived. Now White throws caution out the window and he goes for the KO or gets KO'ed . Thats why I see White getting his REVENGE in this rematch. This fight ends in KO, mark my words.


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