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Julia Budd's PFL Departure: A Sudden Twist in the MMA Tale

Former Bellator champion Julia Budd finds herself released from the PFL, marking the end of her stint with the organization. The decision follows Budd's withdrawal from her scheduled fight against two-time champion Kayla Harrison at the upcoming PFL Finals on Nov. 24.

PFL CEO Peter Murray confirmed the news, revealing that Budd's departure was a result of her decision not to fulfill her contractual obligation, leading to the cancellation of her bout against Harrison. Murray stated,

"She had the opportunity to take the fight, and she chose not to. [Budd] did not sign her bout agreement, consistent with her contract, and unfortunately, we had to move on."

The void left by Budd's absence will now be filled by UFC veteran Aspen Ladd, set to face Kayla Harrison at a 150-pound catchweight. Ladd, who transitioned to PFL after being released from the UFC, has already made an impact with a 2-1 record in the organization, including a victory over Budd in her debut.

While the initial anticipation was for a clash between Kayla Harrison and Julia Budd, Murray remains optimistic about the new matchup, asserting, "Aspen beat Julia. It should be a better fight. It's on."

Julia Budd's PFL journey concludes with a 2-3 record, featuring a recent win over Martina Jindrova. Despite the setback in not advancing to the playoffs from the regular season, Budd's release positions her once again as a free agent in the competitive world of mixed martial arts.

The sudden departure from PFL adds an unexpected chapter to Julia Budd's MMA tale, leaving fans curious about her next move in the ever-evolving landscape of professional fighting. As doors close in one organization, opportunities may arise in another, sparking intrigue and speculation about what the future holds for this seasoned fighter.


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