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Justin Thornton's death related to injuries from BKFC 20.

Updated: Oct 8, 2021

Justin Thornton, a beloved fighter has passed away due to injuries sustained in his fight at BKFC 20. He was paralyzed from head strikes and began to develop an infection in his spinal chord.

Would gloves have stopped this? The ABC Medical Committee has been critical of bare knuckle fighting. What could have prevented this? Combat sports is dangerous and fighter are aware of what risks they take.

Accidents like this are still incredibly rare but we have to ask ourselves. At what cost are we willing to risk? It seems as long as combat and contact sorts in general exist. These accidents will continue to happen.

It's with deep sympathy and our respect for Justin Thornton that we send condolences to his friends and family. May Justin rest in peace and know that his legacy live on as a martial artists and MMA veteran. Fight.TV salutes you Justin.


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