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Kalyl Silva Wins His First Fight Via 8 Second KO

Kalyl Silva is the son of none other than Anderson "the spider" Silva. The man who is arguably the best fighter in the history of MMA. Kalyl had his debut kickboxing match and absolutely lived up to the standards his father set in the ring. Fiver seconds into the opening round and one front kick from Silva, the ref called the fight in eight seconds.

Kalyl has an older brother, Gabriel Silva who was sapposed to fight on the same card as Kalyl but the bout was pulled from the card for reasons not disclosed, we can only hope both Gabriel and his opposing fighter are in good health. Gabriel will definietly be fighting again soon.

Anderson Silva has an upcoming boxing match with Tito Ortiz on Sept 11th. The spider is riding a recent boxing win on Julio Chavez Jr. We can except this upcoming bout to be explosive as 2 MMA legends go at it in their fight. Ortiz is already hashing out the smack talk saying he lost all respect for Silva, since Ortiz has to meet weight at 195.


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