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Kamaru Usman already surpassed Georges St-Pierre, needs ‘something crazy’ like Canelo Alvarez fight

As November approaches, rhetoric about UFC 268 is gaining momentum on November 6. The MMA's biggest event of the year is between UFC legend Kamaro Usman and Colby Covington. However, Kamaro Usman has already achieved a lot in his career and when he faces Colby Cunnington for the second time in UFC 268 on November 6, he will try to get another honor in his list of experiences. Current UFC welterweight champion Usman already has a record of 14 consecutive wins in the division and is leading in his fifth title defense, which will take him second behind Georges St. with just 170 pounds. If you look at Usman's performance, he will definitely go up to 185 pounds and run for another UFC title. Ever since Kamran Usman became the champion, he has undoubtedly denied the evolution of his game. Because he still has the ability to use his body to defeat his opponents, "Nigerian Nightmare" has also become a legitimate knockout artist. In fact, he is the biggest welterweight ever. No one deserves this division. In fact, he's up now and he's going to fight this guy on November 6th and he's going to do something bad with him. Abdul Aziz added that he is the most dominant champion in the UFC today. I think he is capable of defending his title as many times as he wants. If Usman beats Covington on November 6, Welterweight will hardly have an opponent in the UFC that he has not already defeated. "On November 6, Camaro is going to knock out Colby Cunnington and after that, I want him to do something crazy," Aziz said. "I want him to kill Canello [Alvarez] or someone. Usman mentions "Canelo" as an opponent. He will want to try himself one day in the future, and when money, time and opportunity come together, he will become a stranger. The question is, do you think Usman can compete with Canelo?  Or which opponent would you like to see with Usman?


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