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Kamaru Usman's Camp Looking At Nick Diaz

Kamaru Usman's manager, Ali Abdelaziz said "If Nick Diaz beat Robbie Lawler he become the number 1 contender automatically." So we can assume the Usman's camp is in talks of a Nick Diaz fight. Calling it a battle of the generations, we'd be seeing two greats going at it. Which would also stir some controversy.

This might just be for clout, as Nick hasn't had a win since 2011, a fight since 2015, and the turn out of his bout against Lawler will be very decisive. Nick Diaz would definitely bring a lot to the table in terms of PPV sale power. He's got a huge following even outside of the MMA community.

Kamaru Usman will definitely be facing someone big soon. I think the answer is clear - Vicente Luque, or at least one of the other top 10 contenders Usman hasn't faced yet. Luque stands the biggest chance of being the next contender as he's #4 in UFC Welterweight P4P rankings.

The fight with Nick Diaz would he cool but, it would seem that there's other hungry contenders who've earned that fight with Usman as well. What do you think? Who should Usman fight next?


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