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Kayla Harrison's Dominant Return: A Suffocating Victory Over Aspen Ladd

In a triumphant comeback at the PFL Championship 2023, Kayla Harrison showcased her indomitable prowess by securing a dominant win over Aspen Ladd in a thrilling matchup that highlighted her grappling finesse and striking prowess.

Harrison's return to the cage, following a setback against Larissa Pacheco a year prior, was a testament to her resilience and determination. From the opening bell, Harrison exhibited her superiority, executing multiple takedowns on Ladd throughout the three rounds, demonstrating why she stands among the elite in women's MMA.

The judges' unanimous decision of 30-27 in favor of Harrison attested to her sheer dominance in the bout, wherein she relentlessly dismantled Ladd's defenses with a combination of ground strikes and superior positioning.

Reflecting on her performance, Harrison praised Ladd's durability while acknowledging the challenges of returning after a hiatus:

"She was gumby in there, she was definitely durable. I think ring rust is a real thing. I was nervous as hell. I’m just so grateful to be here. Thank god for PFL, I’m able to provide for my family."

Harrison's early aggression set the tone as she swiftly executed body lock takedowns, dictating the fight's tempo by keeping Ladd pinned to the canvas. Despite Ladd's attempts to counter, Harrison's grappling proficiency ensured her continued dominance in the opening round.

While Ladd sought opportunities to strike, Harrison adeptly closed the distance, repeatedly securing takedowns and nullifying Ladd's offense. In a late second-round attempt, Harrison sought an arm-triangle choke but ran out of time, opting instead to display her striking prowess before resuming her ground control.

Ladd's resilience was evident as she defended and countered, nearly gaining an advantage before Harrison swiftly regained control, showcasing her versatility. The fight concluded with Harrison dictating the pace, unleashing a barrage of strikes, showcasing a staggering 162 to 27 total strikes over Ladd.

Looking ahead, Harrison teased a potential clash with a unnamed Bellator fighter, expressing enthusiasm after PFL's acquisition of Bellator:

"I’m excited that PFL just acquired Bellator. I heard there’s a girl in Bellator who thinks she’s a bad b****. Well, why don’t we find out?"

Kayla Harrison's emphatic return cements her status as a force to be reckoned with in women's MMA, leaving fans eagerly anticipating her next electrifying showdown in the cage.


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