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Kayla Harrison's Loyalty and Longing for Big Fights: A Tale of PFL and Cyborg

Kayla Harrison, the two-time Olympic judo gold medalist and a dominant force in the PFL is a champion with ambitions stretching beyond just titles and riches. Her recent victory over Aspen Ladd might signify triumph in the cage, but her sights are set on broader horizons.

In an exclusive conversation with MMA Junkie following her win at the PFL’s 2023 Championship pay-per-view, Harrison unveiled her perspective on loyalty, free agency, and her fervent desire for a much-anticipated showdown with Cris Cyborg.

While Harrison's loyalty to the PFL has been steadfast throughout her career, she emphasized that her priority lies in doing what's best for herself and her family. However, aligning her goals with the PFL, where she earned her initial MMA stripes and secured back-to-back $1 million titles in three seasons, seems like a bonus.

In her tenure with the PFL, Harrison faced a career-defining upset in 2022 against Larissa Pacheco but rebounded impressively in her recent fight against Aspen Ladd.

Amidst the buzz surrounding the PFL's acquisition of Bellator and the prospect of champion-versus-champion fights shortly, Harrison's long-awaited clash with Cyborg seems to have encountered another detour. Despite Harrison's hope for a fight with Cyborg, it appears Cyborg's initial focus will be defending her title against Pacheco.

Reflecting on her contractual situation, Harrison expressed her weariness with the regularity of her free agency. Her desire to face Cyborg persists, but the intricacies of cross-promotional fights in MMA have hindered this potential matchup.

"I feel like every two years I'm single – I'm tired of my contracts running out," she commented.

Harrison's loyalty towards the PFL remains unwavering. She acknowledges the company's strides, from its evolution since her World Series of Fighting Days to the recent partnerships with notable figures like Francis Ngannou and Jake Paul.

Her future remains uncertain, but Harrison is hopeful that the PFL will facilitate the big fights she craves. Her loyalty remains strong, but her ambition for significant matchups with the best in the world drives her pursuit, leaving her poised for the next chapter in her remarkable MMA journey.


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