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Kelly True: True Fighter Fight Team - Uniting Passion and Excellence in Mixed Martial Arts

Updated: Aug 19, 2023

The Journey Begins: Kelly True's Early Years

Kelly True's passion for martial arts ignited in his mid 30's this is amazing as he took his first match in the cage at age 36. I also took my first and only fight late in life at age 38 so I do understand the extra hurdles it takes to accomplish this feat. Most of all what this says about Kelly True is that nothing stops him nothing at all. I've watched him in the cage a few times and I can tell you there is no quit in his game, he fights till theres no choice.

The Kelly True: True Fighter Fight Team Logo
Kelly True: True Fighter Fight Team

Embracing Martial Arts: The Birth of True Fight Team

After a few years of honing his skills, Kelly True realized his true calling was to share this knowledge and experience with others. In 2006, he founded True Fighter Fight Team, a place where individuals from all walks of life could come together and train under one roof. This included some excellent names Like Murjan Flowers Darryol Humphrey Sr, Kelley Fleury, Lizzy Crowley, I could go on and on. This team has had so many champions even one that held 10 belts at one time!

Kelly True Sporting a Whaley's Childrens Center Shirt  fundraising for the childrens center
Kelly True: True Fighter Fight Team Supporting Whaley's Childrens' Center!

True Fighter Fight Team's Unique Training Philosophy

Respect and Discipline!

Teaching Mixed Martial Arts is a great avenue for Kelly because it allows him to use many disciplines. One of the key differentiators of True Fighter Fight Team is its holistic approach to training. Kelly True believes in the power of blending various martial arts disciplines, including Grappling and Boxing to create well-rounded fighters. This has molded all around great fighters that have come out of Kelly True's Fight Team. Respect and discipline come at a cost though. People can say "well that's pretty simple anyone can have respect and discipline" but to what effect and to what cost to themselves. Respect and discipline do come at a sever cost. A cost to the ego when you can't just say the first angry thing that comes to the tip of your tongue. Maybe you come into the sport thinking you are a badass but soon you will realize that little nerd on his computer can submit you in 3 seconds. You have to have the respect to know someone else could be better and the discipline to know you could to but not have to show it!

Tru Fighter Fight team a new generation of mma fighters being trained for excellence
Champions Preparing for Battle

Fostering a Supportive Team Environment

True Fighter Fight Team is not just a gym; it's a close-knit family. Kelly True and his team foster an environment of support and camaraderie, where members lift each other up and celebrate collective achievements. Inside the walls is complete equality every man and women trains to their fullest ability. This isn't unique but seeing it in action you realize everyone is learning how to be a beast with no excuses. I teach my children this way of life. There isn't a reason on the planet you can't be exactly what you want to be! Every person has the ability to be a champion in whatever they aspire to be if they just put in the work, be coachable , and respect the process. In this way a team is born, a team that pushes each other to the breaking point and encourages each other to push beyond!

Below is a Fight with Angie Jennings and Kelly Fleury from many years ago that has all the heart that is Kelly True! Give it a watch you'll enjoy the action!

Emphasizing Mental and Physical Conditioning

Kelly True understands that mental fortitude is just as crucial as physical strength in combat sports. True Fighter Fight Team's training programs focus on enhancing mental resilience alongside physical conditioning. Taking someone from any walk of life no matter where you are from and handing them the keys to physical freedom as well as breaking past the tipping point of mental blockage could create monsters. Not at True Fighter, I've seen men and women from all walks of life come into his team with ego's and a cocky persona's only to be turned into humble and respectful individuals.

I laugh here at this part because I think of Mr. Roosevelt LOL ,, we called him Rambo. He had a good heart and amazing talent but couldn't let go of the life that was holding him back. I truly loved watching him in the cage and Kelly did some amazing work with him but he just sorta fell off due to whatever else was happening in life. which is totally understandable but when we speak of cocky ego , everyone knew when Rambo was in the building.

The Video Down Below here will show you some of Kellys skills in the Cage! As well as on the Mic A true fighter he is.

True Fighter has brought many a young man and women out from a path headed towards a grizzly future and turned them into disciplined productive members of our great country. A few of the guys have started their own business and I know some of the women have moved on to amazing careers after achieving their goals in college. The whole time they are studying to be a nurse or maybe a CEO and on the weekends Kelly has them testing their physical and mental acuity inside the Steel Cage !

Kelly True's Coaching Style: A Winning Formula

Recognizing that each individual has unique strengths and weaknesses, Kelly True tailors personalized training programs for is students. This approach maximizes their potential and accelerates their progress. Because of this individual attention compiled with the team atmosphere True Fighter Fight Team has brought Home over 40 championship belts. One night took he seven fighters into an event and walked out with 7 wins and 5 more belts. This had never been done in Michigans MMA history! You cannot ever take that away from this man. Kelly has shown time and again that he can produce champions and amazing transformations in

True Fighter Fight Team team Picture after a tough day on the mats
The Next Generation of True Fighter Fight Team!

True Fight Team's Unprecedented Success

Thanks to Kelly True's exceptional coaching and the dedication of his students, True Fighter Fight Team has achieved remarkable success in various competitions. Many members have gone on to become champions in regional and national tournaments. Some have moved on to other gyms for reasons and as of now Kelly is bringing another generation of champions to the mats and steel. John Croak a up and comer has already taken the 155lb weight class by storm and holds the Warrior Xtreme belt for that class. Evan Cortez is on his way up the ranks. as he stated in a recent post " These guys put in the work every day True Fighters ready for War July 22nd this Saturday Grappling Industries Tournament 5 guys competing Austin BatzloffAustin Padilla Austin Lewis Robert TrumbleEthan Trumble and next Friday July 28th WXC Detroit Crystal Gardens John Croak Defends his 155 Title and Evan Cortez going to showcase his skills much love GOD BLESS THE KIDS FLINT NATIVE OUT" and that my friends is True Fighter Fight Team!

Doing a great fundraiser at Buffalo Wild Wings in Flint Michigan !! YEAHH!!!

Oh Yeah and lets not forget MMA and Fighting is wonderful but sometimes and for Kelly true that means any free time is spent out on the boat or along a shore doing some fishing! Gotta Have Balance!!

Out on the Lake in Flint Michigan Kelly true doing some fishing
Kelly True: True Fighter Fight Team Fishing


11.2 Does True Fight Team offer self-defense classes?

Yes, True Fight Team offers specialized self-defense classes that equip individuals with practical skills to protect themselves in real-life situations.

11.3 Is prior martial arts experience required to enroll?

No, prior martial arts experience is not necessary. True Fight Team caters to beginners and experienced fighters alike.

11.4 How does True Fight Team support its athletes outside the gym?

True Fight Team provides ongoing mentorship, guidance, and career support to its athletes, helping them achieve their personal and professional goals.

11.5 Can beginners take part in competitions?

Absolutely! Kelly True and his coaching team prepare beginners for competitions, offering opportunities for growth and experience within a supportive environment.


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