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Khabib Changed The Game On When To Retire

A lot of fighters have spoken their mind on Khabib leaving the sport. Many, like Jose Aldo have suggested that Nurmagomedov will regret retiring when he did. That he will question if he could have been the greatest of all time.

Many fighters and fight fans share this sentiment but consider also watching an almost 60 year old Holyfield display the competitive action of an old man, beyond what we should not only pay to see but ethically condone in combat sports.

Khabib left combat sports competitively for multiple reasons. The death of his father and the thought of competing without him in Khabib's corner for the first time. The promise to his mother that he would prioritize his own health and preservation to lead their family. It's a lot more than those who say he's just scared to lose.

Combat sports is incredibly dangerous and after the years it takes a toll on your body like no other, even for just the hobbyists who don't treat it like a career. Khabib like any good fighter is great at hiding their pain and injury, not allowing an opponent to question for one second their weakness.

Fighters are human, you don't become a champion fighter without sustaining some injury and boxers are well known to develop head injury related diseases in their later years.

Maybe achieving the title of champion and humbly stepping down to train the next champion and be a promoter, comentator, full realm coverage of the sport is the future. Instead of trying to be the next guy with the most title defenses. Regardless however someone chooses to be a champion and retire is up to them. It should also be respected by the fight community.

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