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Khamzat Chimaev's coach says the next match should be at 185 lbs

With no opponents on the horizon, Allstars Training Center head coach Andreas Michael suggests Khamzat Chimaev fight at middleweight next.

Michael proposed a title fight against Alex Pereira, who won the middleweight title by TKOing Israel Adesanya in the fifth round at UFC 281.

The Swedish trainer believes it will be a "amazing fight" and that Khamzat, who has previously struggled to make welterweight, will have no trouble making weight.

“We’re having a good camp here and we’re gonna do it again. We’re going to go to heavyweight,” Michael joked during a recent vlog in Dubai.

“Middleweight [is where I really want to see him next]. For the belt. I would like that. That’s an amazing fight [with Alex Pereira]. We can fight at [welterweight] no problem. It’s no problem at all. It’s just good preparation and good warning for if we’re gonna go drop down in weight then we need time and it’s done. Not this five weeks or four weeks preparation thing because it’s not doable in that time.”

“Right now he’s like [196 pounds]. He can make weight like tomorrow. [Middleweight], it’s no problem. Even if everyone thinks that he’s [300 pounds now],” he added.

Chimaev is expected to return to welterweight in the near future, as Pereira is expected to rematch Israel Adesanya before taking on any other challengers.

Chimaev's most recent fight was at UFC 279, where he submitted Kevin Holland in the first round. With a professional record of 12-0, he is currently ranked third in the UFC welterweight rankings (6-0 UFC).


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