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"KING" Ryan Garcia

Glad to see the champ is back one hundred percent. In fact this last bout against

Fortuna, he did not look past him at all,. He had a plan, stuck to it and put on great show. Wait wait maybe we should call it a #Boxing Clinic he put on.

Gervota "TANK" Davis may be in for more than he bargained for in the upcoming King.

The public surely wants to see the outcome and this is the way #Champions rise. When they have put in the time, did their amateur bouts in a professional manner and learned the procedure of the sweet science. We never called it #rocket science, however understanding that to truly put in the days, months, years ........ This is What Creates A Great CHAMPION!

We will see true champions collide when Ryan Garcia vs Gervonta Davis is etched in stone

and booked at a venue. Until then let's see whom he gets a MATCHMAKER to sign his next big bout.

Devin Haney has no problem taking the #CallOut from #KingRyan and in fact may just be shouting out to the king himself. It's all up to RYAN GARCIA or as we will be lead to see he believed and believes it is all up to GOD ! ! !


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