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KSI and Dillon Danis set to lock horns in January

Is Idiocracy becoming a reality in the world of combat sports? That very well could be the case, as YouTube sensation KSI has been formally scheduled in a boxing battle against Dillon Danis. The fight will take place on January 14, 2023 at Wembley Arena in London, England, and will be broadcast live on DAZN.

We've already had some buildup to this farce after Danis challenged KSI this past weekend, resulting in a skirmish. In addition, shortly after that occurrence, Anthony Taylor proceeded to punch Danis in the face, sparking a parking lot melee between opposing clans.

KSI is technically 1-0 (Logan Paul), however this year he knocked out Luis Alcaraz Pineda and Brandon Scott in boxing exhibitions. I'm afraid this suggests that KSI is the more experienced veteran in this scenario and should be the favorite to win. This reminds me to remind you to keep an eye on betting sites for those KSI vs. Dillon Danis betting odds that will be available soon!

Danis is a legitimate BJJ black belt, however, he is not known for his striking. Despite the fact that this will be his professional boxing debut, he has a perfect 2-0 MMA record. Both of those battles were with Bellator, but things became sticky on the feet for him before he drew his opponents into his world. Aside from the parking lot brawl, Dillon's previous fight was in 2019, therefore his boxing skills may have improved since then. It's a small chance, but hey, it's still a chance.

What do you guys think about who wins this match up? Let us know in the comments.


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