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KSI hits out at boxing world, "Look at your own side and complain."

KSI took to his YouTube channel 'JJ Olatunji' to air off some of his steam build by his constant critism from the boxing world, with a drawn out rant in his first posted video since his knockout over Faze Temper.

"We[influncer boxers] get so much slack from the traditional boxers, that scene basically hate us. They keep coming at us saying we are bad for boxing and I just keep looking at them like this is all your fault"

KSI then spoke an onslaught regarding pro fighters, calling out how the big fights are not made in the sport, addressing the pro's and promoters that gate keep the worlds biggest fights.

"The big fights you never make happen, like AJ [Anthony Joshua] versus Tyson Fury, why hasn't that happened?"

"Usyk versus Tyson Fury, why hasn't that happened?"

"Wilder versus Joe Joyce, what's going on?"

"Ryan Garcia versus tank [Gervonta Davies], where's the fight at?"

"Crawford versus Spence, where's that?"

"Where's all these top fights that we have been gagging for, for years. So if anything, all these boxing purists coming at us, we are not the problem. Look on your own side and complain to these promoters who are not making these fights happen."

After his rant aimed at the big fights failing to be brought to the fans, KSI then passionately expressed that his boxing promotion company isn't bad for the sport of boxing, and is quite the opposite, offering fighters a chance to grow their brand and get exposure they would not have been offered elsewhere.

"You can't say we are killing the sport or making the sport worse, when we are bringing a completely different audience, inspiring so many young adults and kids to get into boxing."

"Meanwhile, traditionalists and boxing purists are getting p****d off because the main fights that people want to see never happen, and people just get bored and just move on to UFC, because at least they are making the big fights happen."

"And with our events, with misfits, it's entertaining from the start to the end. We are not just focusing everything on the main event like traditional boxing does all of the time. In boxing, when was the last time you knew every fighter on the card? With Misfits, we focus on the fighters and we build every single fighter, we care about the undercard as much as the main event and that's why we are able to make stars."

"In traditional boxing, the undercard don't even get a press conference, only the main event does."

KSI ended his rant, expressing that the hate and annoyance of the boxing world was not his aim.

"We are not even trying to p*** off the boxing purists, we are just doing our own thing, they are just looking at what we are doing and are just getting p****d off."

With Misfits deal with DAZN being signed for a 5 year deal, it is clear to see that influencer boxing is here to stay and isn't going anywhere, with more and more pro's embracing the change as time goes by.

Does KSI have a point with his rant?


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