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KSI jumps to Twitter space to address his future

Just two days past his first round knockout victory over Faze Temper, KSI headed over to address his future to his fans on a twitter space.

Inside the space was fellow fighters Anthony Taylor and Paul Bamba, adding to the spice of the live talk.

Anthony Taylor, who lost a MD to KSI's stableman Idris Virgo, was keen on discussing a future showdown with KSI himself as he suggested an eliminator showdown to earn the showdown with the Brit. His suggestion being him facing Joe Fournier and Salt Papi facing off with Tyrone Woodley, before facing the winners off to earn the big KSI fight.

An idea that landed well with a few of the fans that was listening live and would surely be stuck on the youtuber's mind as a potential set up to his return to the ring.

KSI's former PT jumped into the space to address Anthony Taylor's KSI call out, saying "you lost your ticket" referring to his loss on the Misfits x DAZN 004 undercard, something that the American MMA fighter, turned boxer agreed with, further expressing his desire to set up the eliminators to earn back the right to call him out, while showing Leon a lot of respect.

KSI was then asked about if he would ever let Dillon Danis have an opportunity to fight on a Misfits boxing card after his pullout on the main event, with KSI responding with - "the only way he'd get on, is if he had to pay money if he pulled out."

Jake Paul was a recurring talking point across the whole twitter space, nearly being involved in every question that KSI was asked, with the British youtuber expressing his desire to sit back and asses his options to bring the super fighter closer, with a emphasis on upping the level and avoiding fighting fellow influencers.

"Everyone is always going to slate everything I do, until I fight Jake Paul" - KSI when addressing criticism of the rumored future opponents

"Jake looked kind of worried, I'm not going to lie. I don't think he expected me to do that." - KSI on whether he saw Jake Paul's reaction to his knockout (pictured below).

The live was ended off with KSI being asked about a potential bout with Jay Swingler who is 1-0 under the Misfits stable, "I don't think Jay would want to fight me, I don't think many people would want to fight me after what they saw me do to Temper".


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