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KSI will leave boxing after beating ‘fraud’ Jake Paul, targeting ‘winner takes all fight’ in 2023

In the world of combat sports, the rivalry between YouTubers KSI and Jake Paul has been one of the most talked-about topics. The two internet celebrities turned professional boxers have been going back and forth, calling each other out and building up hype for a potential fight.

But now, it seems like the long-awaited bout between KSI and Jake Paul might happen. According to reports, KSI has accepted Jake Paul's offer for a winner-takes-all fight at the end of 2023.

This news comes just days after KSI announced that he would be leaving boxing after he beats "fraud" Jake Paul. KSI has been vocal about his desire to take on Paul in the ring, and it seems like he is finally getting his wish.

“Every time I would see Jake win a fight, it just angered me,” KSI said. “Because I’m there like, he’s not that good! He’s not as good as everyone thinks he is. For me, personally, I think he’s a fraud. I think he’s a fraud and I’m the guy to expose him.

“But at the time I had to just focus on music, while this is all going on. Then I was like, ‘You know what? Screw it. I’m going to come back into boxing, I’m going to slow down the music, come through, destroy Jake, and even though I’m doing everything else ... I’m still going to come in boxing, knock him out, and go back to doing what I was doing before.’'

For those who may not be familiar with the feud between KSI and Jake Paul, it all started back in 2018 when KSI fought Logan Paul in a highly publicized boxing match. KSI won the fight, but the drama didn't end there. Jake Paul, Logan's younger brother, began calling out KSI on social media, claiming that he was the better boxer and that he would defeat KSI in a fight.

Since then, the two have been going back and forth, with KSI even releasing a diss track aimed at Jake Paul. But now, it seems like all that trash talk might lead to an actual fight.

The winner-takes-all stipulation of the proposed fight adds an extra layer of excitement to what is already a highly anticipated match. Both KSI and Jake Paul have a lot on the line, with the winner taking home all the money earned from the fight.

“So the fighter purses are winner-takes-all, 100 percent,” KSI said.

As for KSI, he has stated that he plans to retire from boxing after the fight with Jake Paul as he intends to create a legacy over money. It's unclear what his plans are for the future, but it's clear that this fight is going to be a huge moment for both KSI and Jake Paul, as well as for the world of combat sports.

But even though Paul will be given a ranking by the WBC assuming he defeats Fury this Saturday, KSI has no fantasies regarding facing absolute top boxers if he manages to dispatch Jake Paul.

“I ain’t fighting Riakporhe. I ain’t fighting all these cruiserweights. They’re killers! Hell no.”


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