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KSW owner wants to make Francis Ngannou vs Phil De Fries after Tyson Fury bout

Francis Ngannou's attention will be on his upcoming boxing battle with Tyson Fury for the remainder of the year. But after that's done, he's anticipated to make his PFL debut and return to MMA.

Ngannou (17-3) signed with PFL and is scheduled to make his debut in the early 2024 after terminating his contract with the UFC and leaving the company earlier this year. The co-owner of KSW, Martin Lewandowski, has a pitch concerning his current heavyweight champion, Phil De Fries, but there isn't a clear-cut opponent for him.

“For me, Phil De Fries is one of the best heavyweights on the planet today. He is a different animal than when he was in the UFC last, and he would give anyone in the whole division trouble,” Lewandowski told MMA Junkie. “Outside the UFC, there are not many heavyweights who can offer a legit test to Ngannou. Of course, it needs to makes sense for both KSW and PFL. But I am in good contact with Ray Sefo and the PFL, and would be willing to do what I can to get it done.”

Before a KSW and PFL cross-promotion occurs, certain circumstances must take place. De Fries (23-6) must first successfully complete his seventh consecutive title defence on Saturday when he competes against Szymon Bajor (24-9) in KSW 84's main event.

Second, Ngannou, who will face Fury on October 28 in a 10-round fight in Saudi Arabia, must be eager to compete again after earning what is anticipated to be a sizable payoff from the Fury fight.

De Fries hasn't dropped a loss since May 2017, and Lewandowski believes he poses Ngannou with the greatest threat of anyone on the PFL squad right now.


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