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Kubrat Pulev inflicts first-round knockout on former UFC champion Frank Mir in Triad Combat Rules fi

On November 27, another thriller returned to the world of boxing. Former UFC heavyweight champion Frank Mir competes against former title challenger Cabrat Pulev in the main card event. Let your readers know that this event is the first under the 'Tried Combat' rules, and it is basically a boxing match but with mixed rules. The roll set allows fighters to push through the clutch, and some techniques, such as flipping backward, are legal. It also occurs inside the cage. The reality of this fight is that it is as strange as a matchup. In fact, it looked like the waiter would be competing against Belfort Ply, and given Belfort's boxing prowess, the competition was more meaningful. Instead, it's Mir, better known as Grappler. It is also worth noting that Mir's singles boxing match was against former cruiserweight champion Steve Cunningham earlier this year. While outboxing Mir, he made a good account in all six rounds but did not face Cabrat Plio, and Cabrat Pulev ruthlessly stopped Frank Mir in the first round of the Triad Combat Rolls Fight. The Bulgarian heavyweight returned to action last December after losing the world title to Anthony Joshua in London. Both were wearing light MMA gloves and as per the rules of the event, they were allowed to hit and hold in a triangular ring. PULEV Contest Mir's most important thing is that when PULEV put former UFC champion Mir on its feet but the referee failed to stop the fight immediately and shocked the fans in the triad fight. The plywood was then dropped with a strong uppercut but attached to a brutal left hook in which Mir's career was backward and on the ropes. However, referee Dan Miragliota did nothing, and for that Plio pitifully decided to end the fight with more follow-up punches for Miragliota. Due to which the spectators were surprised that the referee did not forgive 42-year-old Mir soon. One got angry: "Humorous refereeing. That kind of thing will stop boxing." Another said: "This referee needs to be seen in the mirror. If Plymouth had gone back in and relaunched, Mir could have been seriously injured." The Bulgarian will now reportedly turn his attention to traditional boxing and may find himself facing 36-year-old Burt Joe Joyce. Pulev's promoter Ivaylo Gotzev told Sky Sports: "We are getting a lot of offers. Joyce is looking for us. It's all about how he wants to enter the ring and how long he will continue. Wants. " This is a small effort on our part. We bring every event and every news to you and let us know everything you want to know. We are new but not fake. If you like the article, please let us know what you think, which is very important to us?


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