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Kyler Phillips vs. Marcelo Rojo targeted for UFC 271

Great news for UFC fans. The UFC is bringing an interesting Bennett Weight Match and has been arranged for the UFC 271 in February. In which there will be two rising stars to fight.

Fight TV had already predicted that Keller Phillips would fight Marcelo Roso in the PPV event on February 12. Both fighters will confirm the booking on social media. A location is yet to be determined.

Let's take a look at the two fighters:

First of all, let's talk about Phillips. After a 3-0 start to his UFC career, which improved his standing in the rankings, Phillips gave up a majority to Raulin Paiwa in his recent fight last July. ۔ Earlier, the 26-year-old prospect won against Song Yadong, Cameron Elsay, and Gabriel Silva inside Octagon.

On the other hand, Roso (16-7) has had terrible luck in the last few months in which opponents are coming out of the fray, including Kevin Crom, Jonathan Martinez and Daniel Santos. Pitt Bill made his UFC debut in March against Charles Jordan on short notice. The pair will have a great fight that will coktinue on to lose the Fight of the Night award. The fight will end in the third round. Long-time fighters will be looking for their first UFC win against Phillips.

Let us tell our readers that no venue or broadcast project has been officially announced for the February 12 UFC Pay Per View. However, the much-anticipated Middleweight Championship match between Israel's Adisnia and Robert Whitaker is rumored to be

headlining the event.

According to Fight TV, UFC 271 currently looks like this:

Douglas Silva de Anderra vs Sergei Morozov.

AJ Dobson vs. Jacob Malcolm.

Keller Phillips vs. Marcelo Roso.

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