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Latest UFC Vegas 32 fight card, ESPN+ lineup for ‘Sandhagen vs Dillashaw’ on July 24

The UFC has announced a high profile fight for its fans. According to the details Former UFC Buntweight champion TJ Dilshaw vs. Corey Sandhagan A meeting will be held on July 24 to confirm and confirm this. MMA Jinki first reported a new booking. The event could take place at the UFC Apex in Las Vegas. UFC President Dana White has indicated that the venue will host night races in Florida and Texas, respectively, after FC 261 and UFC 262. Dallas, 35, completed a two-year suspension from the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency in January 2019 following a recent positive review of the EPO. Dilsha, 35, will fight her first battle in about two years. Let your customers know that Dilasha recently completed a two-year suspension of the US Anti-Doping Agency in January 2019 after a positive drug test for the EPO. As for Sandhagan, he lost to Aljaman Sterling by 8 seconds during his UFC run last June. Sandy Hagen did not give up after this defeat. And win back-to-back battles through knockouts. These days, this important UFC program is being discussed on every social media and this fight is being given a lot of importance.  Former UFC Buntweight champion TJ Dilsha will need a victory over strategic rival Corey Sandhagan to regain his 135th title.  The question arises as to whether Chalsha can restore her dignity or ...  Stay with us for more news and comments.


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