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Lawrence Okolie Joins Forces with SugarHill Steward, Boxing World Takes Notice

WBO Cruiserweight Champion Lawrence Okolie is making moves in the boxing world, as he recently announced that he has joined forces with renowned trainer SugarHill Steward. This news has caused a stir in the boxing community, as many are eager to see what this new partnership will bring.

Okolie, who has an impressive 18-0 record with 14 knockouts, has been working with trainer Shane McGuigan since May 2019. Under McGuigan's tutelage, Okolie won six consecutive fights, including a six-round knockout victory over Krzysztof Glowacki to become the WBO Cruiserweight Champion. However, since his last fight in February 2022, Okolie has been on a hiatus and has spent time in Dubai and the United States.

Along with his hiatus from the ring, Okolie has also been in a public dispute with his former promoter, Eddie Hearn. Despite this, Okolie has now confirmed a deal with Sky Sports and Boxxer, and his next fight is set for March 11th against mandatory challenger David Light.

Enter SugarHill Steward, who is well-known to British fight fans for his work with heavyweight champion Tyson Fury and rising prospect Ben Whittaker. This will be Steward's fourth trainer role for Okolie, who has previously worked with Brian O’Shaughnessy, Barry Robinson, and McGuigan.

Many are excited to see what this new partnership will bring, as Okolie's skills in the ring combined with Steward's training expertise could lead to a powerful force in the cruiserweight division. This change in the corner could be just what Okolie needs to take his career to the next level and continue his winning streak.

Despite the legal dispute with Hearn, Okolie remains focused on his next fight and his goal of solidifying his place as one of the top cruiserweight fighters in the world. With SugarHill Steward by his side, there's no doubt that the boxing world will be watching closely to see what this dynamic duo will bring to the ring.


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