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Leah McCourt's Uncertainty Looms Over Bellator Title Aspirations Amid PFL Acquisition

Leah McCourt, a stalwart in the quest for Bellator gold, finds herself in a state of limbo following the recent acquisition of Bellator by the PFL, casting doubt on her eagerly awaited title shot against Cris Cyborg.

For years, McCourt (8-3) has tirelessly toiled toward the pinnacle of the Bellator division, even sharing a cage faceoff earlier in the year with reigning champion Cris Cyborg (27-2). However, the recent turn of events, with PFL's acquisition, has thrown a wrench into McCourt's plans, leaving her uncertain about her future bout.

PFL's ambitious announcement to pit Bellator champions against the 2023 PFL champions in an early 2024 event has left McCourt in a precarious position. She faces the dilemma of either waiting for Cyborg or potentially taking another fight in the interim, a situation that's left her feeling frustrated and uncertain.

Expressing her frustration, McCourt emphasized, 

"We haven’t been told too much. The acquisition has just happened, and there aren’t many plans in place, which is definitely frustrating for the current Bellator roster. I feel like I deserve the Cyborg fight next. I’m the No. 1 contender. But other names have been mentioned next. We’ll see what’s next."

With a decade-long journey in the fight game, McCourt stands firm in her belief that she has earned the right to challenge Cyborg for the championship, citing her No. 1 contender status. She passionately asserted, 

"I’ve been fighting for 10 years, worked towards the biggest fight of my life against Cris Cyborg. She’s not going to be around for a long time. I deserve that fight."

McCourt's disappointment at the uncertainty surrounding her title aspirations is palpable. Having done everything within her control to earn her shot, she now faces the waiting game, hoping for a decision that aligns with her long-sought aspiration to battle Cyborg for the title.

As McCourt navigates this uncertain phase in her career, she remains resolute, poised, and ready for the opportunity she has tirelessly worked for, hoping that the powers that be will recognize her rightful place as the deserving challenger for the coveted Bellator championship.


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