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Leon Edwards labels Usman’s handling of his loss as ‘weird’

Leon Edwards is not buying Kamaru Usman's nonsense about being "gracious in loss." The newly crowned welterweight champion thinks Usman is portraying a character to demonstrate his modesty in light of his unfortunate defeat.

According to Leon "Rocky" Edwards, Kamaru Usman is not a humble person; rather, the headkick defeat at UFC 278 has humbled the Nigerian Nightmare. Edwards, who defeated Usman in his final fight to win the title, couldn't be happier, but he doesn't understand why Kamaru is acting relieved that he lost now.

After losing the UFC welterweight championship to Leon Edwards in Salt Lake City last month, former champion Kamaru Usman recently revealed that he felt a wave of relief. However, the newly crowned champion has doubts about the genuineness of the Auchi native's words and delight.

Usman after his defeat quickly demonstrated to the world that he is not depressed about it. Additionally, the former champion appeared on the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast and made light of his loss to Leon. Many people praise Usman for handling the defeat so gracefully, but Leon thinks it's all about character.

Usman described how it felt after Edwards' head kick hit the ground. He said while talking to Joe Rogan on his podcast “I shake left, I shake right, and I’m sitting in the ambulance and they’re asking me, ‘do you know where you are?'”

The Nigerian Nightmare claims that after being knocked out, he came backstage, hugged his family, talked to his coach, and barely remembers anything.

He added “It was like Leon gave me a 20-minute nap”

However Leon Edwards does not believe this side of Kamaru Usman has any truth to it. In an interview with Ariel Helwani recently he said “I don’t believe it, it’s weird right?” Edwards said of Usman’s reaction to the loss. “To go from this cocky guy to now happy to get knocked out and it’s a relief? I just don’t believe it. For me and hope as I said, I never got to a stage where I’m happy for a loss you know? and yeah, it’s weird, the way he’s handling it like the only way he could handle it. He couldn’t come out and be like, salty. I think he’s handling it the only way he could handle it. You know, so we’ll see. I don’t know it’s weird. I haven’t watched much of him since, I started the Joe Rogan thing yesterday, like clips of it, not a full interview, it’s weird. I feel like he’s overdoing it. You know, like, he was the champion. He fought and he couldn’t be beat. Now you’ve been beat. That’s the game.”

Many believe that it will be tough for Usman to come back after a devastating knockout. They both are expected to run it back in the first half of next year. With the UK being the preferred location for the Welterweight Championship bout.


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