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Leon Edwards reveals what Jorge Masvidal must do to be considered for a title shot

At UFC 278 Edwards defeated Kamaru Usman, the No. 1 fighter pound-for-pound, to win the welterweight title. Edwards anticipates that a trilogy fight will follow at a stadium event in the United Kingdom. But there is one fight that makes more sense.

Masvidal, who sucker attacked him backstage at a UFC event in London in 2019, is the opponent he most desires to face but he is aware that the UFC will find it difficult to market "Gamebred" given his current three-fight losing streak.

In an interview with Sky Sports, The Champion made it clear that:

“If Masvidal goes out and gets a big win, then that’s a fight that I want. I even said it: I’ll give him the (title shot) before that and my coach was like, ‘Nah, he doesn’t deserve it.’ But I was acting out of emotions. So whoever comes, No. 1 contenders or money fights, for me, it doesn’t matter. I believe that I am the best.”

Leon Edwards has made a few requirements of Jorge Masvidal in response to the mixed martial arts veteran before he can be given a chance to compete for his welterweight title. For a while, "Rocky" tried to get in a fight with the Miami native, but he was consistently passed over in favor of other competitors.

The British fighter now has the advantage after capturing the 170 lb. title. Although he would adore the opportunity to seek vengeance on the 37-year-old for the knockout blow which left a cut under his eye three years ago, he will set the parameters of the bout.

Masvidal has made it crystal clear that only big fights are of interest to him. Despite having lost his last three fights, "Gamebred" believes he has enough enthusiasm to challenge "Rocky" for the 170-pound strap. Edwards learned that Masvidal had dared him to "step up to the plate" and offer him a shot at the UFC Welterweight Championship. Edwards responded by using social media.

Masvidal hopes to enter the ring again soon. "Gamebred" has been talking about possible fights with Leon Edwards, Gilbert Burns, and Conor McGregor. The American Top Team representative has only fought three times in the last three years, and even though he continues to be one of the UFC's best-known fighters, he must keep fighting to avoid falling lower down the rankings.

The dispute was never resolved, but now might be the ideal opportunity to take advantage of the rivalry and combine the two strikes to resolve it. The plot between the two combatants has a title attached, which makes things much more fascinating. Additionally, both competitors are nearing the pinnacles of their popularity.

Even though everything appears to have come together just so, the UFC may decide to put Kamaru Usman back in the running for the title and give him the chance to recapture the position he had for three years.


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