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Leon Edwards' Surprising Take on Conor McGregor's MMA Impact!

UFC welterweight champion Leon Edwards recently shared his perspective on Conor McGregor's legacy in mixed martial arts. McGregor has undeniably made a significant mark on the sport over the past decade, establishing himself as one of its biggest stars.

 Leon Edwards

With championship victories and record-breaking pay-per-view sales, McGregor has also ventured into successful entrepreneurship outside the octagon. However, some argue that his focus on extracurricular activities has detracted from his overall legacy.

In a recent interview on the "Up Front With Simon Jordan" podcast, Edwards offered a contrasting view. "I think he's great for the sport," Edwards stated. "He has definitely brought the sport forward to the casual fans. He is one of those guys that you either like him or you don’t like him, but he is who he is. What he’s achieved in the sport, you can’t take away from him."

Despite acknowledging McGregor's polarizing persona, Edwards emphasized his accomplishments in the sport.

"He did become the first-ever two-division world champion," Edwards noted. "So even though he talks all that sh*t, he is actually a good fighter, as well, behind it. He definitely helped the sport. He didn’t take nothing away from it; he definitely gave more in terms of pushing it into the mainstream."

However, Edwards clarified that his admiration for McGregor is limited to his professional achievements and promotional skills. "

I’m not an admirer of his," Edwards clarified. "I’m judging him from the competitive part of it, the self-promotion part of it. His personal life is his own business. I couldn’t give two sh*ts about his personal life. It’s more about what he’s achieved in the game, his self-promotion part of it. To each their own. He’s not my mate."


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