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Leon Edwards wants Conor McGregor if he wins at UFC 303: ‘That’s the fight’

Leon Edwards wants Conor McGregor
Leon Edwards (left), Conor McGregor (right)

As the anticipation builds for UFC 303, Leon "Rocky" Edwards has made his intentions clear: he wants Conor McGregor next. Fresh off his impressive streak, Edwards is set to face a formidable

opponent in the octagon, but his eyes are already on the future. Should he emerge victorious, he has his sights set on one of the most notorious figures in MMA history.

In an exclusive interview, Edwards did not mince words about his ambitions. 

"That’s the fight,” Edwards declared. “The fans want it, I want it, and I believe it’s the perfect match-up. Conor’s a legend in this sport, and taking him on would be a monumental moment in my career.”

Edwards, currently on a significant winning streak, has been a rising star in the UFC welterweight division. His precision striking and relentless pace have made him a formidable opponent for anyone in the cage. With a potential victory at UFC 303, Edwards believes he has earned the right to a high-profile bout with McGregor.

McGregor, known for his charismatic persona and explosive fighting style, has been relatively quiet since his last outing. However, his name still carries immense weight in the MMA world, making any potential fight involving him a blockbuster event. Edwards vs. McGregor would undoubtedly draw massive attention from fans and media alike, promising an electrifying encounter.

The prospect of this fight isn’t just about the competition; it’s also about the legacy. Edwards understands that facing McGregor isn’t just another bout – it’s an opportunity to cement his name in the annals of UFC history. 

“To be the best, you have to beat the best. Conor has been the pinnacle of this sport for years, and defeating him would be a defining moment for me,” Edwards emphasized.

For McGregor, a fight with Edwards could represent a chance to reaffirm his dominance in the sport. After all, a victory against a top contender like Edwards could propel him back into the title picture. On the other hand, Edwards sees this as his moment to shine, to prove that he belongs among the elite and to possibly carve out his path to a title shot.

As UFC 303 approaches, the MMA community buzzes with speculation and excitement. Will Edwards secure the win and set the stage for a showdown with McGregor? One thing is certain: the potential clash between these two titans of the sport has all the ingredients for an unforgettable fight night.


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