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Liam Smith Sees Redemption in a Potential Chris Eubank Jr. Trilogy

Liam Smith is considering a trilogy battle with Chris Eubank Jr. in 2023 after two intense clashes, hoping to exact revenge for their devastating second fight. In the middleweight class, the battle between these two experienced fighters has grown to be one of the most interesting stories.

Liam Smith and Chris Eubank Jr. sharing a moment of sportsmanship with an embrace, highlighting their respect despite the looming possibility of a third intense boxing match.
Respectful Rivals: Liam Smith and Chris Eubank Jr. Embrace, Yet Anticipate a Trilogy Bout

Smith (33-4-1, 20KOs), an Englishman from Liverpool, shocked spectators at the Manchester Arena with an unexpected fourth-round knockout of Eubank Jr. in their first fight together in January. Smith's career reached a peak with this triumph, which he achieved despite all the odds. But in their rematch in September, the roles were reversed. The 34-year-old boxer from East Sussex, England, Eubank Jr. (33-3, 24KOs), made a decisive return. He maintained control of the bout, finally winning by knockout in the tenth round.

Smith is driven now, at 35, to restore his reputation. I believe it should be clear what I want to do next. If Eubank doesn't win the fight against Conor Benn, I'd love to see him fight again," Smith stated in recent media reports. He clearly wants to win this time, especially after losing so badly the previous time they played.

Liam Smith and Chris Eubank Jr. in a respectful embrace, symbolizing their sportsmanship and rivalry, with fans left wondering about the outcome of a possible third fight.
Round Three? Smith and Eubank Jr. Share Mutual Respect, But Who Will Triumph in a Potential Trilogy?

Smith has obstacles on his path back to the top. After losing the rematch, he examined his career critically and responded to those who had questions about his boxing career. Smith feels that everything that happened outside of the ring, namely a significant back ailment that impaired his training and weight, hindered his performance in the second bout.

Smith said that because of his injuries and little training time, making weight was a big problem. "At that point, I was having the most difficulty gaining weight. He said, "I had to shed 42 pounds in seven weeks. He believes that this battle played a major role in his defeat against Eubank Jr.

Smith isn't ready to put up his gloves despite the losses. He is keen to get back into shape and establish his value in the ring now that he is well and injury-free. "After the previous performance, I feel like I have more fire inside of me. Now that I'm injury-free, my layoff went well. With conviction, he said, "It's up to me to get myself back in shape, disprove the opinions of a few, and demonstrate that I still have a lot to give."

Fans are enticed by the prospect of a trilogy fight between Smith and Eubank Jr.; also, it presents Smith with an opportunity to redeem himself and demonstrate his genuine skills in the ring.

How do you feel about Liam Smith wanting to face Chris Eubank Jr. a third time? What do you think of Smith's possible trilogy and his return to form?


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