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Linus Udofia vs Denzel Bentley LIVE results

Denzel Bentley, a two-time British middleweight champion, won a separate decision against Linus Udofia at the Wasserman Boxing Promot Card event at Indigo inside the O2 Arena in London.

Bentley had previously ruled briefly as British champions when he forced Mark Hefron to retire in his rematch, but he sent the ballot in his first defense when he was dropped by Felix last April. Cash stopped at three. Udofia had previously held the English strip, joining them unbeaten in 17 paid bouts.

Bentley was aggressive from the start of the bell, coming down with sharp shots, but Udofia landed with a good looping from the right hand, and the first frame was fairly even. Udofia started the second well with a top cut and he was putting his fists together and he dominated the session, but Bentley re-grouped well, and in Round Three, Udofia made his way. Dragged into the fight because the pair hit big punches. After a fairly quiet fourth, Bentley lost to their opponent in the fifth, and the pair were evenly matched in the sixth. As the bout went into the second half, the pair looked exhausted, but Bentley found a second wind to repel a two-fist attack that ended in a seventh.

Towards the end of the eighth, Bentley landed with a severed right hand which briefly forced Udofia's knee to touch the canvas, but was not seen by the referee, and Bentley continued to attack. Udofia was dying, and whenever he was tied with a rope, Bentley would take him off and hurt him, and he felt the opportunity to finish. As the championship rounds approached, Udofia got a second breeze, stabilizing the ship with a good tenth, which was before a failed penalty round. The fight seemed to be about to get caught, and the final round seemed to be overshadowed by the former champion as the fight reached the cards.

Marcus MacDonald scored 116-112 for Bentley, Terry O'Connor scored 115-114 for Udofia, and Mark Bates scored 115-113. With Bates in mind, the final round was given to Bentley. If Udofia had won that season, it would have been a draw.


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