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Logan Paul after Training with Volkanovski and Adesanya: “I'm not doing BJJ again."

Following their most recent agreement with Logan Paul's hydration company, PRIME, Alexander Volkanovski and Israel Adesanya recently travelled to Puerto Rico to see him.

While at the Paul brothers' new headquarters, Volkanovski and Adesanya chose to train 'The Maverick' in BJJ and made the difficult decision to face the newly minted WWE star head-on.

Adesanya chose to instruct Logan Paul in the art of grappling and posted a video of their training session together. During their session, "The Last Stylebender" is obviously an expert, but Paul demonstrates he is no pushover.

The Australian then displayed his all-around skills by ragdrag dollingolling Paul around the mat before forcing him to tap out while the 28-year-old continued to grapple with "The Great."

Logan Paul then invited Alexander Volkanovski on the IMPULSIVE podcast shortly after their training session. Paul talked about his encounters with the two UFC champions on the program:

"Man you [Alexander Volkanovski] are so strong and dominant, and you put me in a body lock and I felt like you could have tightened your leg so much... Literally [could have] split me in half. I'm not doing BJJ again."
He added: "We were drilling this body triangle... And he goes, 'Oh, my legs are short and I don't really do the body triangle often'... And when we actually go to do it he literally almost kills me."


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