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Losene Keita: The Top Prospect Who Knows His Worth

Losene Keita wont be at the same level at PFL and UFC
Losene Keita

In a rare move, top MMA prospect Losene Keita has turned down multiple offers from the UFC and PFL, opting to stay with Europe-based promotion Oktagon MMA. The 26-year-old featherweight and lightweight champion believes he knows his worth and isn't willing to compromise on his value.

"Oktagon is like a home for me," Keita told MMA Fighting. "I'm 26 years old, I have a good record, I'm still learning every day. I can still have a lot of experience before going to the UFC." 

Keita admits that money plays a role in his decision, but it's not the only factor. He feels Oktagon understands his value and respects him as one of their biggest stars.

Keita's decision has drawn comparisons to UFC star Paddy Pimblett, who also turned down multiple UFC offers before finally signing in 2021. However, Keita believes they are vastly different fighters with different goals. 

"I know if I go to the UFC, I don't want to be a contender. I want to be the champ. I want to be a double champion in the UFC."

Keita passed on an offer from PFL to join their featherweight season, citing his loyalty to Oktagon and his desire to stay where he feels at home. 

"The most interesting one was actually PFL... But I said I can win a million there or I can win a million here, but one place I'm home and one other place I'm not home."

Keita knows there's risk attached to staying in Oktagon, but he's focused on the lightweight tournament starting Saturday. He expects the UFC will come knocking again, and if the time is right, he'll listen. For now, he's happy hearing his name being chanted by 20,000 fans closer to home. 


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