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Lou DiBella’s promotional company’s long-running “Broadway Boxing” series found a home in DAZN?

Lou DiBella’s promotional company’s long-running “Broadway Boxing” series may have finally found a permanent streaming home in DAZN. This Thursday night, DAZN will stream a six-fight card from Sony Hall in New York, featuring top talent such as Tsendbaatar Erdenebat, Brian Ceballo, and David Lopez. The International Boxing Hall of Fame promoter is confident that this partnership will be beneficial for both DAZN subscribers and the fighters.

“It’s a grassroots, club-level boxing show, but it’s a high level of that kind of show,” DiBella told “And my understanding is that [DAZN] has been looking at more developmental stuff with other promoters. Offering more content to your subscribers is a win for your subscribers. I think it’s a real plus for the service and it’s a real plus for the fighters.”

DiBella praised DAZN for investing in club-level boxing, particularly in Manhattan, where costs can quickly mount up. He also credited Larry Goldberg and Boxing Insider for putting their money where their mouth is and trying to re-establish televised-quality club boxing in New York.

However, to do a club show in New York, one must be willing to deliver a certain level of quality of fight. The New York commission is known for being one of the hardest commissions in the country to get a fight approved by. DiBella emphasized the importance of bringing a high level of talent to the show, and Goldberg’s partnership with Sony Hall, which provides excellent lighting for television and a lively crowd.

“The fighters fighting on this ‘Broadway Boxing’ card are excited that this is being distributed by DAZN because DAZN does have cache in terms of being one of the biggest players in boxing. And there’s a lot of talent on this little, six-fight card [Thursday] night. And if you can offer those cards with regularity, it’s a real selling point to DAZN subscribers.”

For fans of club-level boxing, this partnership between DiBella’s “Broadway Boxing” series and DAZN is exciting news. With regularity, fans can expect more high-quality fights and rising talent to be featured on the platform.


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