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Luis Alcaraz Pineda v BDave fight report

In a very intriguing matchup, social media star BDave geared up to fight a mystery fighter on the Misfits x DAZN 004 card in a fight where his opponent was kept a secret from the world, to be revealed on the ring walk itself in a weird turn of events.

The atmosphere was electric in the sellout crowd in London, England, showing the boxing world that influencer boxing is here to stay and that it is thriving.

Deji, younger brother of KSI, was interviewed before the fight, claiming he knew who the mystery fighter was but would not reveal who it was.

American social media start BDave was first to make the walk, coming out in cool confidence, dancing along to Sweet Caroline to the British crowd that ate it up in classic boxing tradition for shows held on this side of the pond.

In WWE fashion the lights went dark and the undertaker theme beckoned out before switching out to a mariachi band, the mystery fighter made his walk. The arena and viewers eyes locked as the mystery fighter was revealed to be none other than former KSI opponent and Mexican Luis Alcaraz Pineda.

Pineda had the crowd, the love the fans gave him was crazy, truly electric.

Round one

Scheduled for 3x3, the bell rang for the first round. Pineda utilised his jab well coming out, BDave looking for explosives in his punches.

Pineda landed well, rocking his opponent and sending him on the back foot. He continued to land well, working off the jab well and landing great combinations that hurt his opponent.

Questions of whether the referee would be forced to put an end to the fight as Pineda stormed forward once again, landing massive bombs and sending his opponent to the corner but BDave held on, seeing the end of the round.

Pineda was unfortunate to not be given the stoppage, landing huge combinations throughout, rocking his opponent.

Round Two

BDave showed his heart, coming out and controlling the first 30 seconds, Pineda seemingly gassed as the fight opened up.

Not much shown from both fighters as the pace slowed down dramatically, both fighters taking their time and working their jab.

As the round came to a close, Pineda landed a heavy straight right that connected well on his opponent. Before ending the round by dropping his opponent right at the death.

Round Three

After winning both rounds which included a 10-8, Pineda come out on his jab and utilising the clinch.

BDave come out looking for the knockout, targeting the body to slow his opponent down, seemingly to a good effect as Pineda was gasping for air, potentially throwing his mouth piece to stop the fight for a break.

The rest did Pineda a world of good who came back with a strong combination, with the arena on his side.

The crowd erupted with an explosion final 10 seconds from Pineda, who was awarded a rightful UD victory in his return to the ring as the mystery fighter.

The future looks interesting and bright for Pineda, who avenged his previous defeat and showcased his undeniable skill and won the British crowd.

In his post fight interview, the crowd made their love for him clear, something he precipitated, before letting the crowd know he is ready to fight whoever they give him.


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