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Luke Rockhold and Tyron Woodley to Coach Up-and-Coming Fighters in Hardcore FC Reality Series

Rockhold during sparring
Former UFC Champion Luke Rockhold

Former UFC champions Luke Rockhold and Tyron Woodley are gearing up for an exciting new venture as they step into the roles of coaches for an Ultimate Fighter-style reality series, titled HFC Fight Show Reality, hosted by Hardcore FC.

The upcoming series, set to film in the United Arab Emirates over the next six weeks, will feature Rockhold and Woodley guiding a group of aspiring fighters in their journey toward success in the world of mixed martial arts.

Hardcore FC promotion officials confirmed the coaching assignments for Rockhold and Woodley, marking a significant collaboration between two seasoned MMA veterans and a rising promotion in the combat sports scene.

While details about the series are still limited, the involvement of Rockhold and Woodley as coaches adds a layer of anticipation and excitement for fans eagerly awaiting the debut of HFC Fight Show reality.

Although both Rockhold and Woodley have illustrious careers in the UFC, this marks their first foray into coaching a season of The Ultimate Fighter-style program. The series represents a unique opportunity for them to share their knowledge, experience, and expertise with the next generation of MMA talent.

Contrary to the typical Ultimate Fighter format, where coaches often face off in a culminating fight, there are no plans for Rockhold and Woodley to compete against each other in this reality series.

For Rockhold, who recently announced his return to fighting after a brief retirement and a bare-knuckle bout, this venture into coaching signifies a new chapter in his career. On the other hand, Woodley, known for his tenure as a UFC welterweight champion and his recent boxing endeavors, embraces the coaching role as he continues to explore different facets of combat sports.

As Hardcore FC's HFC Fight Show reality prepares to hit the screens, MMA enthusiasts can look forward to witnessing Rockhold and Woodley's mentorship and the development of promising fighters under their guidance.


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