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Luke Rockhold Challenges Georges St-Pierre to High-Stakes Grappling Showdown

Former UFC middleweight champion Luke Rockhold is aiming for a remarkable showdown in the world of grappling, as he throws down the gauntlet to none other than Georges St-Pierre. Rockhold, who recently delved into BKFC after leaving the UFC, has set his sights on a grappling match with the legendary St-Pierre, expressing his eagerness to take on the former two-division UFC titleholder.

In an interview facilitated by his sponsors at OnlyFans, Rockhold minced no words when discussing his interest in the potential matchup.

"Georges St-Pierre wants to go, I would go with Georges in a heartbeat," Rockhold stated confidently. However, he cheekily added, "But, if he's smart, probably not. I'm too big and too good for him."

Rockhold, 38, acknowledged the potential hurdle of weight, given his size advantage over the 42-year-old St-Pierre. Both fighters have a history of success at 185 pounds, and Rockhold insisted that the weight for their grappling encounter must be around 190 pounds.

"I'm not going down below 185 pounds," Rockhold asserted. "Grappling, I wouldn't go below 190. If Georges wants to go, I will meet him at 190 pounds any day of the week. I'd love to do it."

Whether the anticipated matchup happens or not, Rockhold made it clear that he would be on the offensive.

"I'll go straight for your neck," he declared. "Straight at you. I don't hold back in any way of fighting. I'm going to come for you."

As the grappling world eagerly watches, Luke Rockhold's audacious challenge to Georges St-Pierre adds a thrilling layer of intrigue to the upcoming UFC Fight Pass Invitational on Dec. 14. Fans can only imagine the intensity and skills these two former champions would bring to the mats, creating a spectacle that could redefine the boundaries of combat sports.


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