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Luke Rockhold to make UFC comeback?

Luke Rockhold has made hints on social media about perhaps making a comeback in 2023.

At UFC 278 this past August, the former middleweight champion made a remarkable comeback to the 185-pound weight class in a fight against Paulo Costa.

Although Rockhold ultimately lost by unanimous decision, it was one of his most courageous performances in his illustrious career.

For most fighters, that lack of success results but lead to hanging up the boots but Rockhold is a true veteran of MMA and willl always have a home in the UFC if he has the drive to compete.

Rockhold, who turned 38 in October, has now lost three consecutive fights dating back to 2018.

It now appears that the former UFC champion is itching to return to the cage in 2023 and see what he can do. Rockhold gave his followers encouragement on Instagram on Friday by posting the image and words below:

“Putting the old rig to the test. 2023 could get interesting,” wrote Rockhold.


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