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Malik King Scott wants Deontay Wilder to fight Anthony Joshua

Deontay Wilder's head trainer, Malik Scott, would want to see his fighter box Anthony Joshua, another former world champion.

Joshua made his return to the ring earlier this month, defeating Jermaine Franklin in a twelve-round unanimous decision.

Since he defeated Robert Helenius in the first round at the Barclays Centre in Brooklyn, New York, in October of last year, Wilder has not competed.

Wilder is mulling his options at the moment, but Scott views Joshua as the fight to make right now.

"I'm very, very big on Deontay fighting Anthony Joshua. I believe that it's good not just for boxing. It's good for so many reasons. It's a treat to society. I believe that Deontay fighting Anthony Joshua is that type of fight that motivates not just the little kid in the inner city that's trying to make it to the top to provide for their family, but also the businessman," Scott told IFL TV.

"It's good for mankind. It would be a real tragedy if this fight doesn't happen. That's the fight I'm polling for every time someone asks me what's next for Deontay. We'll see. Deontay wants to fight. I want to fight. This whole side here wants to fight. We want to see what AJ does now. The ball is kind of in his court. We are ready."

No information has been provided on Joshua's next fight. He was supposed to come back in the summer. That scenario doesn't appear to be true, since Joshua recently announced on social media that his next bout won't take place until December.

'My next fight is scheduled for December. Not ideal but everything is part of a bigger picture,' Joshua wrote on Instagram.


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