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Manager, Ali Abdulaziz made a big announcement Gaethje, Makhachev, Dariush who will be for the title

After a long period of conflict, it now seems that they should be resolved. Managers of Justin Gethje, Islam Makhachev, and Benel Dariush think the UFC is about to resolve these disputes. And will announce something new and important in the new year. In the recent UFC event UFC 267, Islam Makhachev defeated Dan Hooker and in UFC 268, Justin Gathage defeated Michael Chandar. There is a lot of debate and speculation as to who will get the next title shot. The three fighters who are desperate for a title shot and are adamant that their next fight should be a title shot. The most insistent was Justin Gathage, who said that his fight against Chandler was about to end the title. He also believes that since he is the highest ranking person in the line, he deserves the next shot. On the other hand, Islam Makhachev is also behind Justin Guttierez in the race for the title shot and competing with Islam's coach Gatzhe reminded him that he had only one fight chance when Nurmgomdov submitted him to UFC 254. Fight Benel Darius. Tensions escalated when Makhachev expressed his preference to go to war with Gaethje instead, which seemed to change over time when Makhachev's manager, Ali Abdulaziz, told us that the current expectations Gethsemane's vision is for what should be in line with the UFC's plans. Abdul Aziz said that Justin Gethsemane was going to be next. "Perhaps, Benel Dariush is going to fight Islam Makhachev. Probably, you will see Benel Darius fighting Islam Makhachev and Justin Gathage is fighting for the title in May. This method makes sense if we look at the UFC classification. So first we see Dustin Poirier at No. 1. Who is set t o challenge champion Charles Oliveira at UFC 269 next month. Then comes the turn of No. 2 where we see Gaethje. And so comes Dariush at No. 3 and Dariush at No. 4. If we talk about Dariush, it is his last fight which is in the title race after defeating Tony Ferguson in UFC 262 in May. Dariush claimed seven consecutive victories with his last victory. The mark is two of Makhachev's incredible nine-fight winning streak. Fight TV, as always, will keep you updated on whether these battles are official or whether there are any other updates regarding the lightweight title picture. So subscribe to Fight TV now and be a part of this global news. Thanks


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