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Masvidal Doubts Diaz's Dedication Ahead of Rematch

Jorge Masvidal is casting doubt on Nate Diaz's commitment to their upcoming fight, expressing concerns about Diaz's attitude and behavior leading up to the bout. The two fighters are set to face off this summer, marking their first meeting since UFC 244 in 2019, where Masvidal emerged victorious to claim the BMF title.


Despite their history, Masvidal is skeptical about Diaz's dedication to the rematch. In a recent interview with ESPN's Andreas Hale, Masvidal voiced his apprehension, suggesting that Diaz may find a reason to withdraw from the fight.

"I just hope he shows up to the fight," Masvidal said. "A big part of me thinks he doesn't show up, for whatever reason. His pinky toe's gonna be hurting and he can't put on his boxing shoes, so he can't fight. I just don't think he's gonna make it to the fight."

Masvidal's concerns stem from Diaz's recent behavior, which has been characterized by a dismissive attitude towards the fight and a lack of engagement in promotional activities. This behavior has led Masvidal to question Diaz's commitment to the bout.

"His attitude, the way he's been acting — we're trying to sell a pay-per-view, we're trying to fight, right? This guy does not wanna do any of that," Masvidal remarked. "His demands are not like two adults with common sense debating over something.
His are just like, 'Well, then I won't fight.' ... Dude, you wanna fight or not? His whole negotiation tactic was, 'I'm not fighting.' ... This guy's the biggest diva to deal with."

Despite his doubts, Masvidal has promised to deliver a memorable performance if Diaz does show up, vowing to follow the July 4 fireworks with a "funeral" on July 6, aiming to settle their unfinished business from their previous encounter.


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