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Matt Riddle's WWE Odyssey Ends: A Farewell to 'The Original Bro'

In the world of professional wrestling, where careers often mirror the ups and downs of a thrilling match, one charismatic figure has bid adieu to WWE after a memorable five-year run. The departure of ex-UFC fighter turned pro-wrestler Matt Riddle from the WWE roster comes as a bittersweet moment for fans worldwide.

In an Twitter post that radiated both gratitude and optimism, Riddle announced his departure, saying:

This transition marks another twist in the ever-evolving landscape of WWE. Following a merger with the UFC, now known as TKO Group Holdings, the wrestling juggernaut had been expected to transform, including roster changes.

Despite his undeniable popularity among fans, Riddle's WWE journey had its share of turbulence. He faced setbacks outside the ring with multiple reports of failed drug tests under WWE's wellness program, leading to a 60-day suspension that extended into 2023. Notably, his wrestling career commenced after being released by the UFC due to failed marijuana drug tests, tarnishing an otherwise promising MMA run.

Inside the squared circle, Riddle's journey was nothing short of extraordinary. As a multi-time champion in WWE, he showcased his prowess in both singles and tag team matches. Riddle's ascent began in NXT, WWE's developmental league, where he rapidly gained prominence before transitioning to the main roster, earning a spot on regular television broadcasts and premium pay-per-view events.

As the 37-year-old veteran embarks on a new chapter in his career, wrestling fans eagerly await his next move. Matt Riddle's time with WWE may have concluded, but the spirit of "The Original Bro" remains indomitable, ready to make waves wherever his path leads him.


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