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Max Holloway Calls for Cross-Sport Boxing Match with Gervonta Davis

UFC featherweight contender Max Holloway has expressed interest in a cross-sport boxing match with Gervonta "Tank" Davis, following Davis' win over Ryan Garcia at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas last weekend. Davis, who is mentored by Floyd Mayweather, has been praised by Holloway for following Mayweather's recipe to the key.

Holloway believes that a boxing match between Davis and an MMA fighter would be a big draw, and has even offered to engage in some sh!t talking with Davis to promote the fight. However, he has also called on the fight to be conducted without a hydration clause, citing Garcia's inability to properly rehydrate before his fight with Davis as a significant disadvantage.

While Holloway's proposal is unlikely to come to fruition, given UFC President Dana White's lack of interest in allowing cross-sport fights, it is clear that the idea of MMA fighters facing off against boxers remains a popular topic of discussion in combat sports circles. Whether or not such fights ever become a reality, they are likely to continue to generate buzz and speculation among fans and fighters alike.


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