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Max Holloway medically cleared to resume training

The event took place in March, in which Walesae, Hawai'i's Holloway was to challenge Alexander Volkanovski for the 145-pound title fight. But unfortunately, due to an unknown injury, he was forced to give up the fight. As a result, the UFC has decided to go ahead with the title bout between Volkanovski and Chan Sung Jung at UFC 273 in Jacksonville, Florida on April 9. But now there is a twist in the story. However, our influential sources have stated that Max Holloway has been medically cleared to resume training and has offered to act as a backup for the next title fight of the Featherweight Division. However, further sources said that the former champion got medical clearance on Thursday. Because at the time of the injury, no one had a clear time frame for Holloway's recovery. Sources said the 30-year-old had actually developed a back injury, and the team needed diligence to make sure the condition did not worsen. Now that he has been cleared for training, Holloway (23-6) has informed the UFC that he is ready to act as a weight and backup in this fight, defending champion Volkanovski (23). -1) Or Jung, aka Korean Zombie, (17-6). According to sources, the UFC is aware of Holloway's offer but has not made a formal decision on his proposal. It has become a relatively common practice for UFCs to back up their high profile title fights at pay-per-view events Holloway is considered the No. 2 featherweight in the world behind Volkanovski. The two have fought twice before. Volkanovski of Australia defeated Holloway by a unanimous decision in 2019 and by a split decision in 2020. The two competitions were very close. The question is, what will be the UFC's next move? Will Holloway be able to fight in the April event?


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